Nigeria Prisons Service Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form Portal (SEE GUIDELINES)

The Nigeria Prisons Service (NPS) is a government agency that takes care of prisons in Nigeria. Its main job is to keep people who have been sentenced to prison or are waiting for trial in a safe and secure place.

The NPS wants to help people change and become better citizens. It provides education, training, and counseling to help inmates learn new skills and values. This way, when they leave prison, they can be productive and positively contribute to society.

The NPS also makes sure that prisoners, staff, and facilities are safe and secure. It’s a place where people can get a second chance and start fresh.

What NPS Does:

  • Takes care of people in prison
  • Helps people learn new skills and values
  • Keeps everyone safe and secure
  • Gives people a second chance to change and start fresh

Okay, now that you know what the Nigeria Prison Service is all about, do you want to help inmates change and get a second chance, eventually leading them to become better versions of themselves? If you are really passionate about this, read this post until the end as it covers all the important information you need to know to better prepare yourself for the next recruitment phase.

Is the Nigeria Prisons Service Recruitment Form Out?

No! The NPS recruitment form for 2024 is yet to be released. While we await the announcement of the next recruitment candidates are advised to use this time to prepare and get the necessary documents ready.

How To Apply for Nigerian Prisons Service Recruitment

Before applying for the Nigerian Prisons Service recruitment, make sure you meet these requirements:

  • You must be a Nigerian citizen with a valid ID (like a passport or national ID card)
  • You must be within the required age range (this will be announced when the recruitment begins)
  • You must not have any criminal record or conviction
  • You must not be physically disabled or pregnant
  • You must meet the required height (this will be announced when the recruitment begins)
  • You must have an O-level result with credits in relevant subjects (like English, Math, and Science)

If you meet all these requirements, you can apply for the Nigerian Prisons Service recruitment when the application form is released.

How To Apply For Nigerian Prisons Service Recruitment: Step-By-Step Guide

The Nigerian Prisons Service is conducted by the Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration, and Prisons Services Board (CDCFIB). When the next recruitment application form is released, follow these steps:

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  1. Visit the CDCFIB Portal: Go to
  2. Read the Instructions: Before creating an account, read the guidelines and instructions on the portal carefully
  3. Create an Account: Once you understand the instructions, create an account to start your application

Reminder: The Nigerian Prisons Service recruitment is conducted by the CDCFIB board, so make sure to follow their guidelines carefully.

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